Thursday, December 31, 2020

Remember me?

 Wow! It has been a LONG time. Almost 3 years actually! How is that possible?

I let my domain expire and thought this part of my life was gone forever, but found myself trying to remember things from the past, or to find pictures, and this is where everything was documented so well for so many years. I finally figured out how to resurrect the blog at the original address. 

Some greedy person took over my domain and wants to sell it for over $4,000-- so that's not happening! But I've been thinking about blogging again. I want to keep all of this history, but begin something new. 

So much has happened over the last couple of years, or 6 1/2 years-- which seems to be when everything changed with the birth of our daughter! Some things remain constant-- my hubby and I are still married, we still live in Iowa (but at a new home!), and I still struggle with my weight (big surprise there huh?). 2020 has been a struggle, but overall we have more to be thankful for than anything else.

I'm curious to see if there's anyone out there who will see this post! Let me know you're here!

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